Of all of the cities that are in the state of Nevada, Virginia City is one of the most recognized. Although it is out of the way, several miles from Reno Nevada, it is high in the mountains and has quite a bit of notoriety. It is said that there were many gunfights in that area, a place where there were silver and gold mines. Many people died as a result of gambling, gold, and a multitude of other reasons and their ghosts are said to still reside in some of those buildings. Here is a quick overview of the places that you should go if you would like to truly experience how scary Virginia City can be.

The Washoe Club Haunted Museum

There is a story behind this haunted location. There are tours that are given every day. This place has been featured on Ghost Adventures, and many people have done adventures subsequently. It is said that there is the spirit of one or more ghosts in this building that can be detected day or night. It is a place that will give you the creeps, and if you have the courage to do so, you will visit this haunted building. It’s not just the buildings, however, that are considered to be haunted. There are many people that are said to have died in the streets and specifically in the mines where the gold and silver were being dug out.

Ponderosa Mine Tour

Another place that you should consider visiting is the Ponderosa Mine Tour. It starts at their Ponderosa Saloon. It is also thought to be a haunted location, but at the very least, it’s nostalgic. You will get to see a glimpse of how people used to live back before modern times. Back when people rode around on horses, carry guns, and settle disputes by shooting each other down.

Whether or not any of these places are haunted, it really does have a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in America. The only other cities that seem to have this reputation are in places like Salem, or if you travel to Savanna in Georgia. What is unique about this trip is that it takes you into an area of Nevada which seems to have stopped with time. You see how it used to be, and even if you do not see any ghosts at all, it’s a wonderful trip to give you a glimpse of the forgotten cowboy era.